February 20, 2023

Collegiate Day of Prayer - U.N.R.

By: Pam Butters

Our friends at the Nevada House of Prayer will host a Collegiate Day of Prayer on the University of Nevada Reno Campus on Thursday, February 23rd from 7 am to 7 pm.

"Many have prayed faithfully for years for our campus and city! I believe the Lord wants us to contend in prayer for our campus and this generation to see a move of God! I am stirred in my spirit that we must pray and catch the wave of revival the Lord has sent in His mercy and sovereignty to our nation!"

The Nevada House of Prayer plans to host a small tent on the lawn of the free speech area in front of the Knowledge Center. Keep an eye out for updates as things are moving quickly and may change.

To sign up please visit the signup.com registration form. For more information, please contact the Nevada House of Prayer at (775) 348-9495 or [email protected] or view the event notification email.