October 21, 2021

Nifty Needles October Update

By: Pam Butters
sewing supplies

At our October meeting we had 9 members here plus 1 husband. What a great ingathering of quilts and afghans.

Here's what we got done:

  • 8 Quilts and 1 Afghan for the Children's Cabinet
  • 4 Quilts and 1 Afghan for the Crisis Pregnancy Center

A new quilt pattern called "French Roses" was demonstrated and kits were handed out. When completed they will be put together and a quilt made of them.

Many Christmas gift ideas were share and plans to bless 'Our' girl in Kenya with a cash gift. We received a short note from her which we shared. She will graduate from the Dress a Girl school in May. She will have learned basic business skills, self care and basic English skills. Her business is selling silver fish.

Blessings, Pat