About SYNC Volunteers

SYNC - Women of Purpose

God has given gifts to each person in Christ’s church. Our SYNC ladies believe that our passions, experiences, and even our learned skills fit snugly into those gifts like puzzle pieces. They create a complete and unique picture of you, the woman that God made for the purpose of joining Him in a specific aspect of His work.

SYNC is Versatile

God sends each of us to where He wants us and, if we are listening, we go. If he is calling someone else, we are to get out of the way! It is not up to us to make our own plans and then invite God to bless them. If no one is being called, maybe He wants the spot left empty and we should walk away from it. SYNC is versatile and changes, within our mission, according to God’s will.

SYNC Women Step Up To Their Best

Every positive act or decision can be classified as Good, Better, and Best. We encourage our ladies to step up to the work that is “Best” for them and avoid putting energy into work that is merely “Good”. Some SYNC ladies choose to volunteer only a few times a year, while others are interested in being more involved. SYNC is set up to fit your interests and availability.

SYNC Has Your Back

God may have given you gifts and a passion for a mission that is not currently a part of SYNC. We have your back! A big part of our mission is to create leaders. You supply the passion, we will help you discover that leadership is easier when you are following your purpose.